4 million Italians return to work today as Europe’s longest coronavirus lockdown begins to ease.

  • Italy was among the world’s hardest-hit countries.
  • Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte told Italians in a Facebook post Sunday, “A new page is beginning, and we will have to write it together with faith and responsibility. The risks of having more infections are numerous, but we will be able to avoid them with responsibility.”
  • Public parks are opening after 8-weeks of closure.
  • Local travel is permitted.
  • Restaurants may offer take-out service.
  • Some Italian stores were already allowed to open last month.
  • Health officials said coronavirus deaths climbed by 174 — the smallest daily increase since March 10.
  • The daily number of new cases also fell to 1,389 from 1,900 the day before.
  • Spain, Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Israel, Tunisia and Lebanon were also among countries easing some restrictions, variously reopening factories, construction sites, parks, hairdressers and libraries.