China says dollar-denominated exports unexpectedly rose 3.5% in April, crushing expectations for a decline of 15.7%.

  • China says exports rose 3.5% from a year ago vs. an expected decline of 15.7%.
  • China says imports for the month of April declined 14.2% vs. an expected 11.2% decline from a year earlier.
  • In March, China’s exports fell 6.6% from a year ago, while imports slipped 0.9% in the same month.
  • China’s trade surplus for the month of April was $45.34 billion — compared to the $6.35 billion economists polled by Reuters had predicted.
  • Some analysts are skeptical and believe the numbers China reported are inflated.
  • However, Liu Li-gang, chief economist for China at Citigroup, said he believed the country’s medical exports likely rose in April as it shipped health-care goods to the rest of the world.