Comet Swan may be an obvious naked eye target by mid-May. It makes its closest pass by Earth on May 13 and nearest to the sun on May 27.

  • Comet Swan was only discovered in the last few weeks.
  • It will be viewable in the constellations of Perseus and Auriga, both visible from the northern hemisphere.
  • Comet Swan is already visible in very dark skies and in less dark skies using binoculars.
  • The latest observed magnitude is 5.2.
  • Comet Swan could reach fourth magnitude in the morning night sky on May 17, 2020, while it could reach third magnitude during the final week of May.
  • (Subscribers, see image above) The comet is near the constellation Pisces which rises just before the sun. It will be visible for an hour or less before sunrise. The comet should be a little higher in the sky from late May into June. However, no one knows how bright it will be by then. Look near the horizon, slightly to the left of Mars and Jupiter.