Eighth night of protests sees less violence, looting, and police clashes.

  • The Pentagon confirmed that about 1,600 active duty troops had been moved from Fort Bragg and Fort Drum to the Washington, DC area to assist civil authorities.
  • The National Guard in Washington, DC, said it was investigating the actions of at least one military helicopter Monday night, which was seen doing low-level passes over crowds of protesters.
  • Protests in Washington DC had been largely peaceful but a violent confrontation took place at nightfall when protesters threw fireworks and projectiles at police and police responded with pepper spray.
  • There were still some instances of looting on Tuesday in New York, some scuffles in Chelsea, and a standoff at the Manhattan Bridge.
  • Hundreds of protesters in Seattle stood in front of a police cordon Tuesday night, with dozens near the front holding umbrellas to shield themselves from crowd control chemicals such as pepper spray.