Houston Police Chief slams Texas Governor for issuing order that included jail time then turning around and “excoriating those who enforce your executive order to cover the political backlash”.

  • Gov. Abbott had issued an executive order that included up to 180 days in jail for those that defied the coronavirus business closures, then overturned the order when a Dallas salon order was jailed for defying a judge’s order.
  • Houston Police Chief Art Acevdeo tweeted, “Respectfully, @GregAbbott_TX, you shouldn’t issue orders that include the jailing of violators to cover the science, just to turnaround & excoriate those who enforce YOUR executive order to cover the political backlash.”
  • Texas Rep. Mike Land concurred, “In a nutshell, Gov. Abbott Calls the actions of a Judge in Dallas excessive, when the Judge was acting based on Gov. Abbott’s order. Gov. Abbott is now upset that a private citizen is in jail for operating a private business, which is a consequence of his order.”