Iran’s supreme leader throws tweet storm – calls Israel a “cancerous tumor” that should be destroyed.

  • Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, launched into a Twitter diatribe on Friday.
  • Friday marked Quds Day, a holiday held in Iran meant to express support for Palestinians and opposition to Israel’s existence.
  • The leader tweeted 25 times.
  • “Some argue that the Zionist regime is a reality that the region must come to terms with,” the Khamenei said in one tweet. “Today the #Covid_19 is a reality; should it be accepted or fought?!”
  • “The long-lasting virus of Zionism will be uprooted thanks to the determination and faith of the youth. #Covid1948”
  • “It’s absolutely essential to avoid trusting western govts & international communities dependent on them”
  • Twitter does not block world leaders or remove their controversial tweets.