Large armed group, including a Sheriff’s deputy, terrorize African American home in North Carolina.

  • The incident occurred in New Hanover County, North Carolina, on May 3.
  • The family says an armed group of people, all white, knocked on the door of the home of Monica Shepard and her son, Dameon, demanding information about a young missing girl.
  • The group was looking for a girl named Josiah who lived next door to the Shepards but left the home about a month earlier.
  • At least one person carried an assault rifle and another carried a shotgun.
  • Part of the group was an off-duty member of the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Jordan Kita.
  • Two people, including the former Sheriff’s deputy, have been arrested.
  • Sheriff Cutler admitted they may have had enough evidence to make an arrest on the night of the incident, but said he was proud his deputies diffused the situation that night. David said information will come out in court on why it took five days for people to be charged.