More details about Apple, Google coronavirus contact tracking apps emerge. GPS data is prohibited and only one app per country is allowed.

  • The system will provide an API for developers to use when creating coronavirus tracking apps.
  • Privacy and preventing governments from using system data were a primary goal.
  • Bluetooth signals will be used to detect coronavirus encounters.
  • Despite requests from app developers, GPS location data cannot be used. This makes the app less reliable but offers more privacy protection for the end-user.
  • Apple and Google said they will only allow one app per country in order to encourage wider adoption. However, they will consider allowing apps for regional or state-wide adoption.
  • Some countries are already creating their own apps that will feed data to public health systems so authorities can contact infected persons directly. Due to the anonymous nature of the Apple/Google API, this is not possible using the Apple/Google tracking system.
  • The United States is not creating an app, leaving the task to states and local authorities.
  • The Apple/Google contact tracking API is expected to go live in mid-May.