Nearly five dozen Buffalo, New York, police officers, resigned from their unit Friday after two colleagues were suspended for shoving and seriously injuring 75-year-old protester, Martin Gugino.

  • The senior citizen who was seriously injured Thursday night is longtime social justice activist Martin Gugino.
  • Video shows Gugino outside City Hall approaching a large group of officers in tactical gear and saying something. The officers yell for him to move back before two or three appear to push him. He falls backward, slams his head and then is bleeding and motionless on the ground. One of the officers appears to lean over and say something to the fallen man before a fellow officer pulls him back.
  • Gugino is in serious but stable condition in an area hospital.
  • Two officers were suspended without pay.
  • 57 officers resigned from the emergency unit but not from the force. The Buffalo mayor’s office said the 57 members that resigned from the unit make up the entire active emergency response team.