New Mexico blocks all roads into and out of Gallup after town experiences “uninhibited spread” of the novel coronavirus.

  • New Mexico Gov. Michelle Grisham ordered all roads into and out of the city be closed in response to an emergency request by Gallup Mayor Louis Bonaguidi.
  • The Mayor has only been in office for three days.
  • McKinley County, where Gallup is located, has 1,027 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 207 of which were confirmed in the past two days. The total cases in McKinley County, which has a population of 72,000 people, constitute more than 30% of the state’s total number of cases.
  • Gov Grisham stated, “”I recognize this request is unusual and constitutes a drastic measure, and the emergency powers set out under the Riot Control Act should be invoked sparingly. However, the COVID-19 outbreak in the city of Gallup is a crisis of the highest order. Immediate action is necessary.”