New poll shows majority of Americans say reopening country during Covid-19 pandemic is not worth the risk.

  • The poll was conducted by ABC News and Ipsos and said that Americans, “by a large 30-point margin,” are “resistant” to reopening the U.S. in the coming days.
  • A strong majority (<25%) of Americans would be unlikely to resume activities where big groups are present, even if coronavirus-related restrictions were lifted tomorrow
  • 6% of Democrats believe America should reopen now. 65% of Republicans believe businesses should be reopen now.
  • 92% of Democrats oppose an immediate reopening. 35% of Republicans oppose it.
  • 25% of Americans said they would not receive a vaccination against the coronavirus if one were approved by the FDA. 75% said they were likely to accept it.
  • 45% of parents with school-aged children would be likely to send their kids back. 36% say they are not likely at all.
  • 86% of all Americans support social distancing policies.
  • Under the surface, however, there are significant differences between men and women, white and non-white Americans, and Republicans and Democrats.