New York City on Monday entered the first phase of its plan to lift all major COVID-19-related restrictions.

  • The plan allows for non-essential retailers to reopen with curbside or in-store pickup.
  • It permits operations in construction, manufacturing, wholesale trade and agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting to resume.
  • Transit authorities will begin service for subway trains and resume regular weekday/closed school service in Brooklyn, the Bronx Queens and Staten Island.
  • Buses in Manhattan will be allowed to return to 75 percent service.
  • The reopening allows about 400,000 people to return to work and tens of thousands of construction projects will be revived.
  • There had been 72 new hospitalizations for suspected coronavirus cases, a fraction of the figure the city was reporting in March and April. More than 300 remain in intensive care units and about 4 percent of the city is currently testing positive for COVID-19.