Politico finds Tara Reade acquaintances recount stories of deceit, manipulation, and dishonesty.

  • Politico says they spoke with multiple Tara Reade acquaintances who said she spoke favorably about her time with Biden and “left them feeling duped”.
  • Jim and Harriet Wrye say Reade rented a yurt on their California property and say she “frequently knocked on the door seeking emotional support, asking for financial help, or forgiveness with late rent payments”.
  • Lynn Hummer who owns a horse ranch where Reade volunteered. She says Reade asked her to help hide a car from repossession and described Reade as “Very cleaver, manipulative… I think she’s a liar.”
  • Austin Chung rented Reade a house in 2010 and said he ultimately had to evict her. He says Reade repeatedly made up excuses for her lateness and ultimately left the home damaged.
  • Kelly Klett rented Reade a room in 2018 and says about Reade, “You can use these words, manipulative, deceitful, user”.
  • According to Politico, “A number of those in close contact with Reade over the past 12 years, a period in which she went by the names Tara Reade, Tara McCabe or Alexandra McCabe, laid out a familiar pattern” and showed them emails and other messages that “detailed their grievances”.