Russian doctors who criticize Putin’s coronavirus response have been mysteriously falling out of hospital windows.

  • At least three frontline doctors are known to have fallen out of hospital windows in the past two weeks.
  • Two of the victims died. One is believed to be alive and still hospitalized.
  • Natalya Lebedeva fell out of a window at a hospital in Star City. She died from her injuries.
  • Elena Nepomnyashchaya reportedly complained about equipment shortages and lack of protective gear at his hospital. The hospital denied the claims. On May 1, Nepomnyashchaya fell out of a hospital windows and died one week later from his injuries.
  • Alexander Shulepov posted a video claiming Shulepov had been forced to continue work after testing positive for the coronavirus. Three days later he retracted his statement. One week later, he fell out of the 2nd floor windows at the Novousmanskaya hospital.