Texas Senator Ted Cruz gets first haircut from Dallas salon owner that was jailed, then released, for defying executive order to keep businesses closed during Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Sen. Ted Cruz flew to Dallas for his first haircut in three months.
  • Salon à la Mode owner Shelley Luther reopened her business in violation of the governor’s orders, then refused to back down when a local judge tried to enforce the ban.
  • Another stylist cut Cruz’s hair.
  • During the photo op, Cruz ignored questions about what punishment he would view as appropriate for people who violate public safety measures during an epidemic, or how such measures can be effective if compliance is entirely voluntary.
  • ““It is injustice to sentence someone to seven days in jail for cutting hair, particularly when you’ve got local politicians releasing violent criminals, releasing child molesters from jail. And we’re going to lock up a small-business owner? That is crazy.”