The Lincoln Group, a Republican campaign group opposed to Donald Trump, says they will target Trump’s Senate allies next.

  • The group released a scathing video this week, “Mourning in America”, denouncing President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Trump responded in a retaliatory tweet, calling the group’s leaders “loser types”.
  • John Weaver, one of the group’s founders, said the group would not be intimidated by Trump’s tweets. “This ‘president’ has but one act: intimidation. But he knows he won’t be intimidated and neither will the majority of American voters in November.”
  • The group told Newsweek they would continue targeting Trump before shifting to Senators who support him. “Thanks to Trump, we’ll keep ‘Mourning in America’ running longer, then get back to our regular programming, which will include more assaults on Trump’s record and going after some of his most ardent enablers in the Senate”.
  • The Lincoln Project criticizes Trump’s record during his tenure and calls upon voters to back “Democrats who support the Constitution over Republicans who do not.” The group recently endorsed Joe Biden for president.