This Artificial Intelligence (AI) catalogs everything Trump speaks, tweets, or reads – then analyzes his gestures and compares statements against fact to tell if Trump is lying.

  • The AI is named Margaret, after the West Wing character, and is run by Factbase.
  • It catalogs all of Trump’s spoken words, tweets, and other utterances. “Every word he says makes Margaret smarter and allows her to make more subtle distinctions.”
  • To date it has more than 11 million of the president’s words dating back to 1976.
  • The bot had to be reprogrammed after first crashing while trying to decipher Trump’s grammar. “It was still trying to punctuate it like it was English, versus trying to punctuate it like it was Trump.”
  • The bot analyzes facts, Trump’s statements, his gestures, and even his body language and can even predict when Trump is lying. According to its creator, Bill Frischling, Trump is less stressed when lying.
  • The bot found that Trump speaks at 220 words-per-minute when not reading off a teleprompter. This is close to double the average.
  • The bot found that when Trump gets mad, he stops gesturing.
  • The bot studies various world leaders. The findings are shared with private clients.
  • Readers can access the bot’s catalog of Trump statements on their website.