US Supreme Court overturns convictions of two state officials jailed for their role in Chris Christie-related Bridgegate political revenge scandal.

  • The two officials, former aide Bridget Anne Kelly and former Port Authority of New York and New Jersey deputy executive director Bill Baroni, were aides of then-New Jersey Governor Christ Christie.
  • The two arranged a 4-day George Washington Bridge traffic jam to target a mayor who did not endorse Christie’s re-election. They implemented unannounced closures to 12 lanes on the bridge – an entry point into Manhattan.
  • They were found guilty and convicted on nine counts of conspiracy and fraud in 2016.
  • Officials had testified in court that Governor Chris Christie had known about the lane closures on the country’s busiest bridge in advance. Christie denied the claim.
  • The court unanimously reversed the original decision and ruled that, as the scheme did not aim to obtain money or property, it was not fraud.
  • Christie announced, “As many contended from the beginning, and as the Court confirmed today, no federal crimes were ever committed in this matter by anyone in my administration. Justice has finally been done.”
  • Justice Kagan wrote, “The evidence the jury heard no doubt shows wrongdoing- deception, corruption, abuse of power.”